If a picture is worth a thousand words…


…then GIFs should be worth the many thousands it would take to describe the past six weeks-ish of my quidditch life.

Looking around and realizing just how few people from the Western Cup team showed up:

squint around


Watching us get annihilated from the sidelines because I’m too injured to do anything but sit out the seeker floor:

i could use a drink



Knowing that Spartan Invitational is the last chance I’ll have to play quidditch until May… but then realizing that I can finally focus more on school:

cool cool cool cool


“Hey Liz, the Spartan Invitational is going as planned… right?”:



Keeping my promise to Stanford that they’d get their World Cup qualifying games:

i had to think fast



Everyone in the Bay Area Quidditch community getting together to make the South Bay Scrimmage happen:

intro to calligraphy



Finding out we got a deferred bid to World Cup:




And that we got Arizona’s bid… remembering that they knocked us out of Western Cup by a snitch grab:

chang beard rub



Then realizing that we would have to come up with the money in less than a month:

britta deep breath



Watching as our indiegogo started getting funded:

shirley oh thats nice



Like, meeting our 2,500 goal in less than two weeks funded:




And then SJSU Club Sports pretty much saying they’ll do anything to get us to World Cup:

thank you kitties



But coming to grips with the fact that no matter how much I accomplish for the team off the pitch, I’m still trying to get back to my pre-injured self:

no touchy



Oh yeah, then there was my reaction to that Eighth Man article:

offense taken



But who cares? There’s only one way my team and I can prove the naysayers wrong:

take all these bitches down



So this is me waiting for the World Cup pool draw tonight:

pierce excited



Because I’m going to have an awesome birthday weekend in #MoaningMyrtleBeach no matter what happens!

younger than three of you put together


The Rodney Dangerfield of Quidditch


So here’s the IQA’s Sunshine Bowl preview, found here: http://iqaquidditch.com/news/2014/01/weekend-that-was-january

3. The Sunshine Bowl III will feature eight teams including two World Cup qualifiers in the hosts Stanford University and the Silicon Valley Skrewts. The Skrewts will try to overcome a disappointing performance at the Western Regional Championship to defend their Sunshine Bowl title. In addition, a merc team with star Lost Boys keeper Tony Rodriguez will compete. While his teammates are playing incredibly tough competition in San Marcos, Texas, Rodriguez will see if he can truly carry a team on his back to a small tournament championship. Other contenders include the University of California-Berkeley and Thundercats Quidditch.

SJSU doesn’t even get a mention, of course. I get that Stanford and the Skrewts do, because they’re going to World Cup. I get that Berkeley does, because they’re a big name school. Those are three of the official teams going, and the fourth team is SJSU. The Thundercats aren’t even going as the Thundercats; they’re going unofficially as The Found Men. 

Seriously? We get overlooked and an unofficial team gets a mention instead? Even though SJSU has gone to every Sunshine Bowl? I feel like we should change our mascot from an owl to this hidden gem from my childhood:


No respect, no respect at all.


This is not how I expected to start this blog


Last fall in my Writing and the Young Writer class, I ended up doing my multi-genre portfolio on my experience as a rookie quidditch player, combining my newfound love for the game with my lifelong passion for writing. My teammates loved it, and Professor Browne loved it enough to give me and A in the class and to use it as an example for future classes. (Guerilla team promotion? I think so.) I wanted to keep up combining those two things that I love, so I decided to start a blog. With Sunshine Bowl III coming up this weekend, the Spartan Invitational a month after that, I knew I’d have plenty to write about.

Then this happened:



And by “this”, I mean a dislocated (and quickly relocated, but not before blowing up my knee with swelling) kneecap that has taken me right out of Sunshine Bowl at the very least, and maybe even (but I hope not!) the Spartan Invitational. Which I have been busting my ass planning, my the way.

I was ready to give up on this blog before I even started it, but I’ve decided not to. I’m going to try and limit the bitching about not being able to play, because who wants to read that? Let this instead be the chronicle of my triumphant return to the game by the Spartan Invitational.

Yeah, that sounds much better.