If a picture is worth a thousand words…


…then GIFs should be worth the many thousands it would take to describe the past six weeks-ish of my quidditch life.

Looking around and realizing just how few people from the Western Cup team showed up:

squint around


Watching us get annihilated from the sidelines because I’m too injured to do anything but sit out the seeker floor:

i could use a drink



Knowing that Spartan Invitational is the last chance I’ll have to play quidditch until May… but then realizing that I can finally focus more on school:

cool cool cool cool


“Hey Liz, the Spartan Invitational is going as planned… right?”:



Keeping my promise to Stanford that they’d get their World Cup qualifying games:

i had to think fast



Everyone in the Bay Area Quidditch community getting together to make the South Bay Scrimmage happen:

intro to calligraphy



Finding out we got a deferred bid to World Cup:




And that we got Arizona’s bid… remembering that they knocked us out of Western Cup by a snitch grab:

chang beard rub



Then realizing that we would have to come up with the money in less than a month:

britta deep breath



Watching as our indiegogo started getting funded:

shirley oh thats nice



Like, meeting our 2,500 goal in less than two weeks funded:




And then SJSU Club Sports pretty much saying they’ll do anything to get us to World Cup:

thank you kitties



But coming to grips with the fact that no matter how much I accomplish for the team off the pitch, I’m still trying to get back to my pre-injured self:

no touchy



Oh yeah, then there was my reaction to that Eighth Man article:

offense taken



But who cares? There’s only one way my team and I can prove the naysayers wrong:

take all these bitches down



So this is me waiting for the World Cup pool draw tonight:

pierce excited



Because I’m going to have an awesome birthday weekend in #MoaningMyrtleBeach no matter what happens!

younger than three of you put together


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